Biographical Information
Race Witch
Status alive
Nationality Indian
Age -
Occupation yoga instructor
Physical Information
Gender female
Hair jet-black, short
Eyes black
Body tall, fit
Family unknown
Spouse(s) -
First Mentioned -
First Appeared ADoW, p.78

Amira Chavan is a witch who teaches yoga classes to both humans and creatures at the Old Lodge. She is described as having significant insight and empathy. She is also a skilled cook.

Discovery of Witches[edit | edit source]

Matthew persuades Diana Bishop to accompany him to one of Amira's yoga classes. It is the first time Diana experiences such a large mixed group of creatures.

The Book of Life[edit | edit source]

Although Fernando tries to convince her to stop the yoga classes for her own safety while Benjamin's whereabouts are still unknown, Amira feels her work is more important than ever and refuses to give it up.

When Diana shows Amira two of the pages from Ashmole 782, Amira says the pages are full of blood and fear. She has a vision showing her the creature one of the pages was made from- a young mother, killed in front of her children. Amira says that when the witches brought her husbands body to the young woman, they made her look at what they'd done to him, and it was this woman who first cursed the book.

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