Father Andrew Hubbard was a London priest turned into a vampire by Benjamin Fox in the 1300s. Since becoming a vampire, he rules the City of London, ensuring that all creatures in it keep the peace and do not work against each other.

Background[edit | edit source]

Father Hubbard was a parish priest when the plague first came to London. Hubbard survived the first wave of the epidemic, caring for the sick and burying the dead, but eventually succumbed. Legend has it he dug himself a grave in the churchyard and lay down in it, only to rise hours later as a vampire.

He then began gathering lost souls- orphans, widows, those who had lost families. Those who fell ill he turned into vampires. He regarded these people as his 'children', and regardless of whether or not they became vampires, they were expected to offer him their blood. Father Hubbard claimed this revealed the content of their souls and provided proof God had entrusted them to his care.

Hubbard made an agreement with Phillipe de Clermont to exempt de Clermont family members from his rituals and obligations. Matthew de Clermont has argued several times with him about how far his domain extends, considering it to only encompass the City of London and disputing the boundaries of the city to argue that the Tower was not part of London.

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