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Lucius Sigéric Benoit Christophe Baldwin de Clermont (currently known as Baldwin Montclair) is the second "son" of Phillipe de Clermont. He was made into a vampire by Philippe during the time of the Roman Empire.


He started going by Baldwin in the 20th century and is involved in the financial markets in London. Matthew believes that his brother likes to destroy things. "It was what he did best. Over the years he'd done it physically, mentally, and then financially, once he'd discovered that destroying people's livelihoods was almost as thrilling as flattening a village." Baldwin is the de Cleremont family battle strategist. He is described as having a sharp mind, quick to analyze any plan for flaws or weaknesses.


A Discovery of Witches[]

Baldwin is summoned to Sept Tours by Ysabeau after Diana is abducted by witches. Despite Matthew's concerns, Baldwin helps locate and rescue Diana. He subsequently accompanies Diana and Matthew to New York, where they part ways. Before taking his leave, he warns Diana that what happened to her was only a gambit, and she should be on her guard.

Shadow of Night[]

The Book of Life[]

It is revealed that Baldwin is the current de Clermont representative on the Congregation. While he feels Marcus' petition to abolish the Covenant is premature and votes against it, he uses his position to protect Diana and Matthew. Despite the expectation that Verin will be the de Cleremont to recognize Phillipe's blood vow before the Congregation, it is Baldwin who confirms Diana's status as a de Clermont.

Despite this, he opposes Matthew's intent to form a scion, relenting only after a confrontation in the village church at Sept Tours after the baptism of Diana and Matthew's twins. To secure Baldwin's consent, Diana promises that any member of the new scion that suffers from blood rage will be kept under control, magically if necessary.

TV Series[]


Trained to wield a sword from childhood, Baldwin Montclair had been imposing before becoming a Vampire, and after his rebirth, few dared to cross him. He is both head of the de Clermont family and holds a seat on the Congregation. Baldwin was made a vampire in Roman times and had been Philippe’s favourite. However, his step-brother Matthew has something Baldwin badly wants and believes their father should have bestowed on by right; Grand Master of the order of Knights of Lazarus.[1]

Adaptation Changes[]

The fact that Baldwin not only sits on the Congregation but is its leader is not a secret. He helps Matthew rescue Diana from Satu but insists on bringing her back with him until Matthew invokes his duty as a member of the Knights of Lazarus. He then stalls the Congregation for as long as he can.


Due to scheduling conflicts, Trystan Gravelle was unable to continue in the role after Season 2. It was announced that Peter McDonald would play the role in Season 3.[2]


A Discovery of Witches Season 1[]

A Discovery of Witches Season 2[]