Baldwin Montclair
Biographical Information
Race Vampire
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Nationality -
Age over 1,500
Occupation London financial market (current)
Physical Information
Gender male
Hair copper-colored
Eyes light brown
Body tall, imposing
Family Philippe (father-v)
Ysabeau (mother-v)
Hugh (brother-v)
Godfrey (brother-v)
Matthew (brother-v)
Louis (brother-v)
Louisa (sister-v)
Stasia (sister-v)
Verin (sister-v)
Freyja (sister-v)
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First Mentioned ADoW, p.203
First Appeared ADoW, p.379
Baldwin Montclair

Baldwin's full name is Lucius Sigéric Benoit Christophe Baldwin de Clermont. He was made into a vampire by Philippe during the time of the Roman Empire.

He currently goes by Baldwin Montclair and is involved in the financial markets in London.

Baldwin Montclair