Benjamin Fuchs, also known as Benjamin Fox, is a vampire made by Matthew Clairmont in the early twelfth century, after the First Crusade. He holds a grudge against the de Clermont family and has sworn to destroy them. Benjamin inherited Matthew's blood rage, but rather than seek to control it, he uses it as a weapon against other creatures.

Background[edit | edit source]

Benjamin was a German crusader who joined up with the forces of Godfrey de Clermont. His mother was a daughter of a prominent Levant merchant. Because of his family connections and knowledge of Hebrew and Arabic, he was initially viewed by the de Clermonts as a valuable ally.

Benjamin was discovered to be trading in de Clermont family secrets. He threatened to expose the existence of creatures to the humans of Jerusalem. As punishment, and to prevent him from acting on his threat, Matthew Clairmont turned him into a vampire. He was then cast out to fend for himself, disavowed by both Matthew and Phillipe de Clermont. He was removed from the de Clermont genealogy.

He later allied himself with the Drăculeşti and the Order of the Defeated Dragon, opponents of the de Clermonts, led by Vlad the Dragon. When Baldwin de Clermont killed Vlad the Impaler (the humans' Dracula), he ordered Benjamin to leave Hungary or face the same fate. The de Clermont family subsequently lost track of Benjamin and believed him to be dead.

History[edit | edit source]

Shadow of Night[edit | edit source]

Benjamin is in Prague at the same time as Matthew and Diana Bishop. He encounters Diana at the home of Abraham ben Elijah. Diana does not realize who he is, since he is using his alias Herr Fuchs. Rabbi Loew introduces Benjamin as a visitor from Poland.

Benjamin tells Diana that the insignia he wears, of the Order of the Defeated Dragon, symbolizes his intent to slay dragons wherever they are found. He evades all attempts by Matthew and other members of the de Clermont family to locate him in Prague once Diana reveals his presence.

The Book of Life[edit | edit source]

The de Clermont family suspect that Benjamin may be the vampire who raped a witch in Jerusalem, resulting in a child with witch's powers who required blood instead of milk. Shortly afterwards, the Congregation was formed and the Covenant signed.

The family learns that Benjamin has been preying on witches for centuries, attempting to father children. He has had mixed success, but produced no living children. It is later revealed he is unaware of at least one child.

Frustrated by his failures, Benjamin taunts Matthew and Diana with evidence of his latest victims, and threatens to come after Diana next, since she has proven that she is fertile.

Benjamin is also revealed to be the maker of Andrew Hubbard, and to be behind the dead vampire victims who have been turning up all over Europe. Benjamin did not kill them directly- he used Jack Blackfriars, who was unable to control himself due to blood rage.

TV Series[edit | edit source]

Diana encounters Benjamin in Bohemia in 1591 while waiting for an audience with Emperor Rudolf II. He recognizes her as a de Clermont and introduces himself, saying he was cast out by his own clan and prefers the company of other creatures. In Episode 10 he calls himself Hubbard's sire.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

A Discovery of Witches Season 2[edit | edit source]

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