Daemons are one of the three types of creatures in the world of the All Souls Trilogy. The others are witches and vampires.


The origins of daemons are clouded in mystery. Daemons display a high creative capacity, and are known for their extremely free form thoughts and ideas but live a relatively regular "human" life-span. Daemons run the risk of being branded "mad" or "insane" due to their tendency for their strange and high levels of eccentricity. Certain gifted daemons, know as moonkissed have the ability to experience premonitions.

Daemons in All SoulsEdit

  • Sophie Norman: A daemon born to a family of witches, Sophie married Nathaniel Wilson. Together they had a witch daughter, Margaret Wilson.
  • Nathaniel Wilson: Son of Congregation member, Agatha Wilson, and husband of Sophie Norman. He has a witch daughter named Margaret Wilson.
  • Hamish Osborne: Lawyer and friend to Matthew Clairmont. A member of the conventicle.
  • Agatha Wilson: One of the daemon members of the Congregation. She is the mother of Nathaniel Wilson and grandmother of witch Margaret Wilson.
  • Christopher Marlowe: Kit is a daemon and a playwright in Elizabethan England. He is a close friend of Matthew Clairmont, although his feelings for Matthew go much further than those of friendship. Kit's jealousy of Diana caused Kit to try to have her killed. Before he died, he gave the chess piece representing the goddess Diana to Annie Norman, which enabled it to one day belong to Sophie Norman.