Diana Bishop is a Witch who is untrained in her powers as a witch. Her parents were murdered for being witches when she was a child and she subsequently stayed away from magic as a result.

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Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Witchcraft: Though undisciplined, Diana has shown to possess great power when it comes to witchcraft. As demonstrated with Matthew Clairmont, her magic is instinctual. Though it was initially believed that Diana was just disinterested in magic, it was later revealed that she was spellbound. This essentially inhibited her powers, making it seem like she isn’t a competent witch. Moreover, her parents altered the spell slightly, enabling Diana to access her powers when she desperately required them, such as in a life-or-death situation. This was later broken.[1][2]
    • Spellcasting: As most of her power is instinctual, Diana doesn’t know many spells due to them being temperamental thanks to her being spellbound. Once this was broken however, Diana was free to use spells when ever she wanted. Though even now the spell binding her powers is broken, she is still untrained, meaning that dispite her power level, she has the skill of a beginner.[2]
    • Weaver: Diana is a weaver.
    • Summoning: Diana can summon the elements, though, can only summon them when in danger as an instinctual response.
      • Witch Wind: When in danger, Diana instinctively summoned witch wind to assist her. The wind blew the other witches away from her, however, the wind got out of control and Diana could no longer control it until Matthew calmed her down.[3] She later tried to summon Witch Wind again after she had been kidnapped by Satu Järvinen, however, due to Satu's power, the wind didn't have much effect.[1]
      • Witch Water: After Matthew left her at his mother, Ysabeau de Clermont's castle in France, Diana became emotional as she didn't want him to leave her. As a response to her crying, it began to rain heavily. Upon realizing what she was doing, the rain then started to flow back into the sky.[4]
      • Witch Fire: Diana is able to ignite her hands with fire and subsequently use it to light the things around her such as a candle in a pumpkin for example.[5]
    • Flight: While trapped in a hole in the castle, Diana had a vision of her mother and father where they told her to use her power to get out. Diana then willed herself to fly and, though slowly, flew out of the hole.[1] Through creating the right circumstances, Diana was able to later use this ability though the use of fear, using the ability to fly to escape a hungry Matthew.[2]
    • Timewalking: just like her father, Diana has the ability to move throughout time. The first time she used this ability, it was an accident,[2] however, with practice, Diana learned to control the power and gained the ability to use it at will.[5]
      • Teleportation: Can also appear in any location she desires to be in just by wanting to be there, such as the time when she wanted to get out of the house.[2] She also teleported from the woods back to her Aunt's house in a matter of seconds. Though she technically is still timewalking being as she doesn’t arrive instantaneously.[5]

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