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Domenico Michele is one of the three vampires on the Congregation, along with Gerbert of Aurillac.

Domenico appears about halfway through A Discovery of Witches when Diana and Matthew are staying at Sept-Tours.


It is alluded to that Domenico and Matthew became friends while both were fighting the pope. Domenico was trying to save Venice, while Matthew was trying to save the Knights Templar. Domenico now is a member of the Congregation and came to Sept-Tours to warn Diana and Matthew against breaking the covenant. Domenico also says that he knew Matthew's vampire sister, Louisa.


TV Series[]

Reborn a Vampire in Venice in the early Middle Ages, Domenico Michele is a survivor. He competed successfully in the lethal world of the city’s politics during the Vampire Wars before the Congregation was formed. Domenico is still conducting his affairs according to his original rules: let the bigger fish eat each other, and wait patiently until the seas are empty and you can rise to the surface unchallenged. Strikingly handsome, Domenico is devious, charming and lethal.[1]

Siding with Baldwin[]

Eventually, Domenico grows tired of Gerbert and his totalitarian rule over the vampires and the Congregation. He eventually tells Baldwin that Gerbert has been scheming with Benjamin for centuries; this causes a rift between the two. When it comes to voting within the Congregation, Domenico sides with Diana for abolishment of the Covenant and agrees to make Agatha head of the Congregation.


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