Episode 2 is the second episode of the second season of A Discovery of Witches. It is also the tenth episode overall in the series.

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In search of a mentor for her witchcraft, Diana meets the head of a local coven and a powerful witch who reveals a secret about Diana. Meanwhile, Matthew grows more at home in his old life.[2]

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In present day, Sarah and Emily find themselves at Sept-Tours after they fled their house in the States once Matthew and Diana went back into the past. While making their bed, Sarah tells Emily she feels like Knox will find them hiding at this location. Emily tries to calm her down by saying that their Coven won’t tell them anything. Sarah isn’t so sure, because according to her Mary Johnson, one of the witches in their coven never liked Sarah. Thus, she feels like it’s only a matter of time before Mary snitches to Peter. Emily tries to reason with Sarah by stating that even if they wanted to betray the two of them, none of them even know where Matthew and Diana have gone. Thinking pessimistically, Sarah wonders if the two lovers are dead for all they know. Emily looks at the page from Ashmole 782 that Diana left behind, and Sarah points out that they are in this mess in the first because of that damned book.

In the kitchen of the Sept-Tours residence, Marthe is preparing food. Ysabeau walks in and is surprised to see that Sarah and Emily will be eating dinner with them. Marthe states that the three of them can’t avoid each other forever. Ysabeau says that she believed they all preferred it that way. She is already tolerating them under her roof, and offering the two witches her protection as well. Not backing down, Marthe tells Ysabeau that if Matthew were here, he’d want his mother to make them feel at home. She states that if he has evolved past his previous prejudices, then so can they.

In London, 1590, Matthew is walking the streets of London until he arrives at the location where a prisoner is being kept. William Cecil is interrogating the prisoner by asking him if the witches are turning against her majesty. The prisoner responds that they aren’t because they are loyal. William doesn’t believe him, and presses the prisoner to reveal the names of his conspirators. The prisoner responds by saying he has none.

In Lapland, Finland, Satu arrives via a boat ride to a secluded island. There she sees a tent and eventually comes across an older woman, whom she calls mom. She touches her mom’s hand, and immediately, the older woman states that Satu has suffered a great deal. Satu asks her mother why she taught her so much, but never what she was. Her mother replies that it was so that Satu could be protected. Satu tearfully states that she doesn’t want protection, but that she wants to learn. That she wants to understand. Her mother tells her to stay if she really wants to learn. So that she can become the weaver she was meant to be. The wind then begins to pick up and the river freezes over.

Back in the past, Diana is being dressed by Francoise while complaining that despite being a town full of witches, she still can’t find a teacher. Francoise at first doesn’t say anything, but eventually tells her to have some patience. Later, Diana sits with Matthew, Henry, and Walter, who suggests that Susanna Norman has told the other witches of what Diana did with the apple. Diana believes that in order to get anywhere, they need to find a witch to train her that isn’t being bought or coerced into helping her. Eventually, Matthew suggests they could talk to Mary Sidney, who despite being a human, could prove a helpful ally. Henry agrees that Diana would enjoy her company. She is mentioned to practice alchemy and is regarded as quite a fascinating woman. Diana considers her one of her heroes, but on their way to meet her, she admits that meeting her heroes hasn’t worked out for her after the bad experience she had with Kit. Eventually, the two of them find Mary tending to some of her plants. She and Diana sit down in the nearby chair while Matthew stands. As a way of getting to know her, Mary tells Diana she heard she was a fellow student of alchemy. Embarrassed, Diana says she is more like an enthusiastic reader. Matthew however tells Mary that Diana is just being modest, and in reality is quite the accomplished scholar. This excites Mary, and she suggests that if her duties at home are not keeping Diana busy, she could assist her on her research and other projects.

While Mary is talking, Diana gets a bit dazed, and ends up unintentionally focusing on Mary’s shoes. Her uncontrolled magic causes an embroidered snake to come to life. Matthew covers for her, and suggests that the snake likely slithered in from the garden when they came in. Mary accepts that explanation, and has one of her employees come and retrieve it. Matthew asks Mary if she knows of any witches that can help Diana, who is in dire need of a teacher. Mary explains that she knows of no witches. She confesses that she learned what Matthew is from her brother as a child, but she understood it to be a fable, and that is how she would like to keep it. Disappointed, Matthew asks Mary if she really is the kind of person to deny the truth of creatures like Diana and him. She doesn’t say anymore, and Matthew proceeds to inform her that they will trouble her no further. Mary tries to persuade him to go on like before, with her as close to blissfully unaware as possible. Matthew states that he can’t because of her love for Diana, which wants to see her safe and secure. Mary tells Diana that while she cannot help her find a witch, she gladly offers her friendship. Diana smiles, and she too offers her friendship to her fellow alchemist. Mary cautions her that no one in London should be trusted with knowledge of what she is, explaining that what is happening in Scotland is making people fearful.

Later, Matthew ends up at the palace where he is told that the destruction and chaos King James is going through pleases her majesty. William Cecil explains to Matthew that they need to be careful with their torture practices because they can’t have English witches turning against her majesty, and supporting witches in the north. Cecil goes onto further say that no one is above suspicion. Cecil eventually tells Matthew to question a man by the name of Tom Caldwell, find out what the witches are plotting and extract a confession by any means necessary. On his way back home, Matthew is cornered by some men. He asks what business they have with him, to which one of them says they are there to deliver a message. Matthew is then told that he has been summoned tonight to meet with Father Hubbard and to bring Diana as well.

Matthew then explains that Andrew Hubbard is a vampire who rules the city of London. Diana asks how the city became his for the taking. Matthew explains that The Black Death arrived in 1348, and that if someone wasn’t already dead, they were trying to flee the city. Except for one man, a priest in fact. He cared for the sick until he too succumbed to the illness. He dug himself a grave, and climbed in to wait for his death. But when he climbed out of it, he saw it as a form of divine resurrection. Someone made him a vampire, but no one claims to have done so. Since then, he has used his time as a vampire to gather power and influence. Matthew warns Diana to under no circumstances must she allow Andrew to taste her blood. Diana promises Matthew she will not, understanding the need to keep him from finding out their secrets. When Diana asks why Matthew didn’t tell her about this previously, he explains that Andrew and the de Clermont family have a treaty. He stays out of their way, and they do the same. Unfortunately, because Andrew has no idea who she is, she falls outside the sphere of immunity that the de Clermonts are offered. Kit warns Matthew that he needs to further inhabit his old life, before there is no future for him to return to and winds up getting killed.

Later that night, Diana and Matthew have done as Andrew requested and have come to meet him at the church. They witness a man offering his blood to Andrew, and the vampire proceeding to drink some of it from his hand. Andrew eventually hears them come in, and tells Matthew that they are late. He hears Diana’s fast beating heart and immediately goes to her, but is stopped by Matthew. He then notices the marks Matthew has given Diana.

When it’s just the three of them alone inside the church, he states that a relationship between a vampire and a witch is sin enough. But that if the witches find he took blood from Diana without consent, Matthew will be put to death. However, if she gave it willingly, she will be cast out of England. Andrew tries to persuade her to join his family so he can protect her. But Matthew explains that Diana doesn’t belong to Andrew and he won’t drink her blood. Diana then proceeds to tell Andrew that it is true she willingly fed Matthew her blood. But then explains that Matthew was on the brink of death, and she did to save his life. A few seconds later, Andrew tells Diana that God accepts her act of mercy, but warns her that nothing happens in London without his blessing. As they walk out of the church, Andrew says that God is watching them both. Once outside, Matthew tells Diana that what she did inside there was reckless but brilliant. Diana admits that she only bought them some time. The two kiss before going home.

The next day, Matthew is inside the church praying when Kit comes in. He asks Matthew if God is even listening. Matthew admits that he doesn’t know. His old friend chastises him for forgetting the other side of him. On the streets of London, Diana sees Susanna from afar and decides that she will talk to the other witch alone. When she’s face to face with her, Diana apologizes for Susanna being forced to come to her house. But now she is inviting her and explains that Matthew is not home, so she will be more comfortable. Eventually, Susanna places an egg and a bowl in front of Diana. She asks the other witch to transfer the egg to the bowl without using her hands. Diana admits to not knowing how to do this particular spell. But Susanna explains that if her magic is too weak, then no witch can help her. Diana breaths in and out a few times, repeating quietly that magic is a desire made real. The egg begins to levitate and spin around, then drops back onto the table. It cracks, and out of it comes a newly hatched baby chick. Susanna stares in wonder, and eventually says to Diana that she will speak to Goody Alsop, who is the head of their coven and in fact England’s most powerful witch.

Matthew deliberates over interrogating Thomas Caldwell or not, despite the hired help telling him to get a move on. Instead, he drinks with Kit and eventually divulges fragments of his future. Kit warns him not to disobey Cecil’s orders as Matthew eventually takes his leave.

Matthew joins Diana as they visit Alsop’s house together. The old woman touches Diana's face and reveals that the Auguries have been prophesying her arrival for a long time. It turns out Diana is a Weaver, one of only three left in London, and thus a maker of spells. Goody detects that Diana’s Father was a Weaver too, though male witches very seldom are. Goody can see the last threads of his spellbinding still imprinted on Diana, made with love to protect her.

Diana asks Goody for help in harnessing her power. In order to do so, Goody will need to consult the Rede to get permission. As they turn to Matthew, he agrees to let her approach them.

Eventually Diana is taken to the Rede where she pleads her case in the midst of the other witches. Goody Alsop claims Diana is the prophesied witch brought to change their fate but everyone else is sceptical.

Diana eventually speaks up and tells them all she’s a “time spinner” and has come from the future. She tells them everything is woven together, including her relationship with Matthew and the Book of Life. This seems to be evidence enough for them all to invite her into their midst.

Meanwhile, Hubbard confronts Matthew in the streets as it turns out Tom Caldwell is caught up in all this. He promises Caldwell is innocent and two trade threats as Matthew finds himself conflicted over what to do.

Kit tells Matthew to dampen Cecil’s suspicions and hangs onto the fact this prisoner will survive for two weeks, give or take. Matthew decides to kill the prisoner and be done with the torture, leaving the poor man in a heap on the ground after giving him a blessing.

That evening, Hubbard receives Thomas Caldwell’s body. After mourning the loss of one of their own, Hubbard hands over a note for France, or more specifically for the court of Philippe de Clermont. As the wheels are set into motion, Matthew finds himself under fire by Cecil who questions his loyalty to the throne.

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  • All Season 2 episodes were made available to watch on Sky's streaming service on January 8, 2021. However, this episode officially aired on Sky One on January 15, 2021.
  • Joshua Pickering's appearance in this episode is uncredited. Jack is seen briefly in the Roydon household, but he does not speak.

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