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Episode 2 is the second episode of the third season of A Discovery of Witches. It is also the twentieth episode overall in the series.


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At Chris' lab, he tells Diana and Matthew that the vampire gene is complex and therefore, the cure to Blood Rage is possibly years away. He suggests that they hire more researchers, such as the students within his team, but Matthew is reluctant to reveal the existence of the vampire species to anyone else — even with console from Diana he remains reluctant. Miriam suggests that Marcus travel to New Orleans to retrieve blood samples from the vampires he has sired to allow a more comprehensive exploration of the de Clairmont blood line.

As Matthew and Diana leave the lab, they are confronted by a familiar face, Andrew Hubbard. Whilst Diana questions what he is doing in London — to which he replies that he controls London, same as before — Hubbard explains that the two left something in his possessions. Moments later, Jack Blackfriars emerges from the vehicle and it is revealed that Hubbard sired him.

Back at the house, the story behind Jack becoming sick with the plague and being sired emerges. Hubbard also reveals that Benjamin Fuchs has been sniffing around and looking for information about Matthew and Diana. At the moment, Hubbard is willing to keep the two safe, but he is unaware how much longer he can keep up the charade.

Meanwhile at the Congregation, Peter Knox prepares to depart having been exiled. He remains insistent, however, on finding a way to thwart Diana and Matthew, and reads a letter from Edward Kelly. The letter reveals information about the three pages that have been torn out of the book and could bring Knox into supreme power should he find the pages. He tries to coerce the help of Satu for his endevours, but she refuses and shows him the true extent of her abilities — she is a weaver.

Baldwin arrives in London and seeks an audience with Matthew, but crosses paths with Gallowglass and Jack. He dismisses Jack and, when he remarks that the meeting is for family only, Jack becomes angry and his Blood Rage takes over. He attacks Baldwin and bites his neck before being bested.

Baldwin brings Jack inside of the house and orders Matthew explain himself. As Matthew arrives, Baldwin bites Jack and sees memories flash before his eyes; it is revealed that Jack is the Blood Raged killer. Before Baldwin can continue, however, Diana uses her magic to wrap a chain around his neck. Matthew is ordered to kill Jack — citing that this could topple the respect of the de Clairmont family — but Jack flees before this is possible.

Confused and inquisitve about the origin of Jack's Blood Rage, Matthew and Diana visit Hubbard once more. He expalins that Benjamin Fuchs sired him and wanted to manipulate him to be a killer. Hubbard refused and instead, Benjamin turned to Jack and nurtured the killer within. Matthew is therefore put at an impossible choice of either removing Jack from the equation or saving him.

Matthew hunts Jack down and finds him in a remote area. Jack quickly becomes aware that Matthew has come to kill him, but Jack shows Matthew the locket with the two portraits of him and Diana in, citing that it was all that he could find of his parents. Matthew chooses to save Jack instead and brings him back to London.

Domenico visits Gerbert in Venice, but is met by an unlikely ally — Benjamin. Benjaming reveals that he has been working in the shadows with Gerbert to manipulate the Congregation and gain revenge on the de Clermont family.

Matthew tells Diana that he, Jack, and Marcus will be leaving for New Orleans to talk with Marcus' sires. Before, he tells her that he would like her help with something. Shorlty after, he and Diana reveal the existence of vampires and witches to a team of scientists working with Chris.

At the airport, Matthew recieves a call from Benjamin. Benjamin tells him to check his email and, within, he finds a video of Jack's killing. This worries Matthew as it is enough to topple the de Clermont family should the Congregation get hold of the footage.



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