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Episode 3 is the third episode of the first season of A Discovery of Witches.


Domenico takes information he’s extracted from Satu to menacing vampire Gerbert, who gains the advantage he has been waiting for. After sending Juliette into the world to do his bidding, Gerbert consults with Meridiana, the witch whom he keeps in thrall, but what does the prophecy she delivers mean?[1]


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Matthew intercepts Diana as she leaves her apartment and offers to take her out for the day, as the Bodleian is packed with creatures. Gillian appears, wanting to explain her involvement with Knox, but her disgust toward Matthew angers Diana further and she leaves with him in his car. They drive to Matthew’s estate, where he shares some of his vast library with her. He also tests Diana by trying to spill wine on a rare book she is reading. Diana magically moves it out of harm’s way and Matthew concludes that her powers are instinctive. He tells her something of his family and reveals he is over 1500 years old. As they depart, Diana asks Matthew to have dinner with her the following day.

Satu rides a boat to the meeting place of the Congregation, which is shielded from outside view by magic. The human administrator, Rico, explains his hereditary role and guides her to the witches’ archives. Satu seeks out Diana's file and finds some records heavily redacted. She uses magic to remove the redaction, but Domenico intrudes before she can read further.

Emily casts a scrying spell to check on Diana, but her concentration is disturbed by the cat. She tells Sarah she saw a man in the shadows, following Diana. Sarah concludes that this is a vampire and later calls Diana, demanding to know about him. Emily reminds Diana that her mother used to tell stories about a “shadow prince”. Diana dismisses their concerns.

Sophie Wilson, a pregnant daemon, is working at a shop, drawing something that looks like the illustration in Ashmole 782. She returns home to her daemon husband, Nathaniel, carrying several books on alchemy. He is monitoring an online chat room he created for daemons, hoping their kind can reach out to each other and share their experiences.

Diana goes shopping and discovers that Marcus is following her at Matthew’s request while he is at a conference. She enlists his help planning a menu for Matthew, and in return he convinces her to donate blood to their research project. Matthew enters the lab before Marcus can draw her blood and insists on doing it himself. Miriam is observing Matthew and later confronts him on his way to Diana’s apartment. She can tell Matthew craves Diana and reminds him of something called the Covenant.

Domenico tells Gerbert what he learned from Satu, that Matthew is pursuing a witch named Diana Bishop. He suggests someone visit Oxford to observe and gather information they can use against Matthew’s family. Gerbert opens a box that holds the masked head of a woman. He awakens her with his blood and she speaks a prophecy: Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf. Gerbert later frees Juliette for the purpose of sending her to Oxford.

Nathaniel’s mother Agatha visits her son and daughter-in-law. Nathaniel tells her the Congregation is forcing the daemon chat room to shut down. Agatha is head of the daemon delegation and denies having said anything, but cautions Nathaniel not to break the rules. Creatures are supposed to avoid gathering in numbers that would attract human notice. Since daemons are the most social of creatures, isolation is exacerbating their tendency toward mental illness. Sophie shows Agatha a statue that her family has passed down through generations, which reminds her of the alchemical white queen. Her father had told her she should give it to the person who needs it when the time comes.

Diana answers a knock at her door but finds Knox instead of Matthew. He warns her against shunning her own kind and remarks that she is too open-minded, just like her father. Matthew’s arrival drives Knox away. He impresses Diana with how much he can detect in the taste and smell of food and wine. When she innocently asks what she would taste like, he becomes angry; he is hardly able to control himself around her as it is. She kisses him, but he does not reciprocate and leaves immediately afterward.

Diana wakes up the next morning to find an envelope slid under her door. It contains graphic photos from the site of her parents’ murder. She confronts Gillian, knowing that Knox is responsible and blaming her for feeding him information. Matthew visits Diana’s apartment, but she is on her way to the Bodleian. However, the door has been left ajar and Matthew finds the photos. Diana requests Ashmole 782 from Sean. He tells her people have been asking for it all week but it has gone missing since she returned it. Knox arrives, backed up by other witches, and orders Sean to get the book. Sean demands they leave and Knox attacks him with magic. Diana summons a powerful wind but quickly loses control. Matthew senses her need and rushes to the library to calm her down.

Marcus finds Matthew at Diana’s apartment, reports that Sean is fine, and expresses awe that Diana has the power of witch wind. Diana is sound asleep and Matthew is packing a suitcase. Marcus pleads with him not to endanger “our family” by striking back at Knox. When Diana wakes up, Matthew tells her he is taking her away from Oxford to his family home in France. They kiss.



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