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Episode 4 is the fourth episode of the first season of A Discovery of Witches.


Matthew’s hope of keeping Diana safe at Sept-Tours appears short-lived as Ysabeau refuses to welcome the warmblood under her roof.[1]


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Matthew and Diana arrive at Sept-Tours to a frosty welcome from Ysabeau de Clermont, Matthew’s mother, who despises witches for their involvement in the death of her husband Philippe during World War II. Diana also meets Marthe, the de Clermont family’s longtime housekeeper, who is much warmer toward her.

Marcus is surprised to find Juliette at Matthew’s apartment. She attacks him, but Miriam appears and drives her away, taunting her for her obsession with Matthew.

Matthew finds Philippe’s former office locked; Ysabeau doesn’t want it open while a witch is present. Nevertheless, she gives Matthew the key. Diana sees her mother in a dream. She receives a call from Sarah and Emily and lets them know her location. They warn her that Ysabeau is infamous for killing witches, having wiped out entire covens after Philippe’s death. Matthew reviews the photos sent to Diana, discovering that they were staged and that her parents were killed by fellow witches.

The Congregation gathers for an emergency meeting where Knox accuses Matthew of kidnapping Diana. Baldwin, head of the vampire delegation and brother to Matthew, is caught unawares and calls Marcus, who is revealed to be Matthew’s son. Marcus tells Baldwin about Diana’s involvement in the summoning of Ashmole 782, also referred to as the Book of Life. Baldwin reveals this information to the Congregation, diverting attention from Matthew for the moment. Satu speaks out of turn, revealing to Knox that she has read Diana’s file. He punishes her later in the witches’ archives with a magical object that immobilizes her. Agatha calls Sophie for more details about her alchemical studies, and Sophie describes visions that conclusively point toward Diana. Agatha refrains from sharing Diana’s identity, however, and simply warns Sophie against getting involved.

Matthew and Diana go horseback riding, with Diana on Ysabeau’s horse, Rakasa. Marthe and Ysabeau discuss the power they sense in Diana. Later, Matthew tells Diana the truth about her parents’ death. This presents an opportunity for Diana to reach out to Ysabeau, who finally reveals a chink in her armor. She advises Diana to make the perpetrators pay as Ysabeau did with Philippe’s tormentors. After dinner, Matthew dances with his mother and then with Diana, who glows with power.

Gillian speaks with Sylvia after a coven meeting. Sylvia has learned from Knox that Diana is at Sept-Tours and expresses a need for more information on Matthew’s research.

Domenico arrives at Sept-Tours with a demand from the Congregation that Diana turn over the Book of Life. He also sees that Matthew and Diana have grown close and accuses them of breaking the Covenant, a rule which forbids inter-species relationships. After forcing Domenico to leave, Matthew asserts that the Congregation will not disturb them further because the Covenant will not be broken. Diana insists they are bound together and tells Matthew she loves him. He declines to answer and departs for Oxford after Miriam calls to report a break-in at the lab. Diana’s tears manifest witch water, another powerful elemental force that amazes Ysabeau and Marthe.



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