Episode 6 is the sixth episode of the first season of A Discovery of Witches.

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Satu brutally tortures Diana in Gerbert’s isolated castle ruins. Matthew, now sworn to hunt down and kill anyone who tries to harm Diana, attempts a daring airborne rescue mission with Baldwin in tow, but they are too late to prevent Satu invoking dark magic in a bid to open up Diana and see the magic inside her.[1]

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Satu flies with Diana to a ruined castle and drops her in the courtyard. Diana tries to run but is cut off by Gerbert. Satu has promised him access to Diana once she is finished but demands he retreat for now.

Satu alternates between offering to teach Diana and mocking her lack of control. She tells Diana that Matthew brutally killed Gillian, and that her parents would be ashamed that she betrayed her kind for a vampire. Diana replies that she was the one who was betrayed, because witches killed her parents. Satu accuses her of lying, but doubt shows on her face.

Matthew awakens to find Diana gone from the bedroom. He soon realizes he can’t sense her anywhere in Sept-Tours. Meanwhile, Emily casts a scrying spell and is overcome by a feeling that Diana is in pain.

Satu uses a ritual drum to call the elements, then begins torturing Diana by repeatedly lifting and dropping her, finally suspending her upside-down. She summons a circle of fire and uses dark magic to burn Diana’s flesh. But just as Knox warned her, the opening spell takes a heavy toll and she loses consciousness.

Baldwin arrives at Sept-Tours by helicopter and Matthew immediately accuses the Congregation of taking Diana. They fight, with Matthew subduing Baldwin by biting him. Marthe interrupts with the news that she caught Diana’s scent in the garden, mixed with another. Matthew find the end of Diana’s trail and they conclude that a witch is responsible. Baldwin calls Knox, who conceals his surprise and lies that Satu is with him.

Satu awakens next to Diana, drags her inside the ruin, and throws her down a well. As Satu screams in anger, Gerbert’s captive witch echoes her screams. Gerbert orders Satu to retrieve Diana, but she tells him her power is gone.

As the de Clermonts plan their search, Marthe tells Matthew that even the most powerful witch could not have flown far while carrying another. Diana’s phone rings, and Matthew answers the call from Sarah. Details from Emily’s vision combined with Ysabeau’s knowledge leads them to La Pierre, a castle once owned by Gerbert. Matthew and Baldwin depart in the helicopter.

Diana regains consciousness at the bottom of the well. She experiences a vision of her parents mixed with a memory of one of their stories about the shadow prince. In it, Diana is trapped in a dark place with a window high above. The prince can’t fly down to her, so she has to rescue herself.

Gerbert shows Satu the witch’s head, threatening her with the same fate. He flees as soon as he hears the helicopter, locking the door behind him and leaving Satu trapped. Satu senses the power in the witch and requests her help to free them both. The witch transfers enough magic to unlock the door, and Satu escapes with the box.

Matthew calls for Diana and hears her voice from the well. Baldwin stops him from jumping in, which would achieve nothing. Diana hears her parents’ voices again and her full power is finally released, allowing her to fly free. They return to Sept-Tours, where Matthew tends to Diana’s injuries with the help of Marthe and Ysabeau. They discover that Satu has burned Matthew’s insignia into Diana’s back, marking her as vampire property. Diana asks Matthew whether he killed Gillian; he says he didn’t, but wishes he had. She asks for his promise that he will leave Satu to her.

Gerbert returns to La Pierre and finds Satu's ritual drum. He tastes the blood on it and discovers something that makes him smile.

Baldwin tells Matthew he is taking Diana to the Congregation and threatens to disown Matthew if he tries to stop him. Matthew invokes his greater loyalty to the Knights of Lazarus, an order formed by Philippe in which Matthew outranks Baldwin. Baldwin has no choice but to follow Matthew’s command. He leaves Sept-Tours, warning Diana and Matthew that he can only stall the Congregation for so long.

Satu speaks to the captive witch and learns her name, Meridiana. She removes the mask and promises she will go to the other side as only herself, not what Gerbert made of her. Meridiana repeats her prophecy, which disturbs Satu, as do the witch's dying words: Thank you, Weaver.

Agatha meets with Nathaniel and Sophie. Sophie reveals that her parents were witches, and she believes her unborn child is one as well. They kept this from Agatha, fearing the Congregation's rules about species mixing, but Sophie now feels it is urgent that she meet the witch from her visions. Agatha promises she will always put her family over her duty to the Congregation, and she reveals Diana’s identity.

Diana expresses a feeling of liberation. Matthew and Ysabeau have been discussing how her magic was finally freed, and raise the possibility that she was spellbound. Diana has only heard of this being performed on witches who posed great danger to others, and wonders aloud what she might have done.

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