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Episode 7 is the seventh episode of the first season of A Discovery of Witches.


After confronting her aunts, Diana learns the tragic circumstances surrounding why she was spellbound as a child.[1]


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Matthew and Diana depart Sept-Tours for Madison, New York. Sarah and Emily have stepped out to give the house time to get used to Matthew. It is haunted and doesn’t always react well to new people.

Baldwin tells the Congregation that Satu still has Diana and throws additional suspicion on the absent Gerbert. He sends Domenico to find him and tells the others to tend to their own until the witches are located.

When Sarah and Emily return home, Diana confronts them about being spellbound. Sarah is shocked, but Emily confesses that she figured it out and kept it secret. It was Diana’s parents who hid her powers to protect her from the Congregation. The house proceeds to show them the circumstances leading up to Rebecca and Stephen’s death.

Diana was younger than the usual age for a witch to be tested, but Knox was convinced she had great power, like her mother, and would not leave them alone. Stephen performed the binding spell while Rebecca told Diana a story about “magic ribbons” that would protect her from jealous witches until she grew up and met the shadow prince. When Knox tested Diana, he could not detect her power. Part of the reason Rebecca and Stephen left soon afterward was to draw any suspicion the Congregation still had onto them and not their daughter.

Diana experiences the loss of her parents all over again and runs into the woods, finding her mother's initials carved into an old tree. Matthew follows her and they discuss how Diana's powers were tied not only to need, but to Matthew specifically. Somehow her parents knew he and Diana were destined for each other. They kiss, and Diana sees a vision of Rebecca looking on approvingly. Meanwhile, Emily comforts Sarah, who is devastated that her sister didn't trust her.

Knox awakens to find Satu in his room, holding the magic object he once used against her. She accuses him of killing Rebecca and Stephen, realizing he warned her about the opening spell because he had cast it himself. He was looking for the great power he sensed, but the power was hidden in Diana all along. He wanted Rebecca to lead the Congregation and give the witches supremacy over the de Clermonts. He also loved Rebecca and was consumed with jealousy toward Stephen. Nevertheless, he didn't intend to kill them, but desire for power overcame him. Satu felt the same way about the power she sensed in Diana. She reveals Meridiana’s prophecy to Knox and tells him their highest priority should be getting Diana away from Matthew.

Sarah plans to start over with teaching Diana to cast spells. Matthew is frustrated that she doesn’t know any defensive magic. Sarah tells him those spells stopped working generations ago, and even the simple spells will help Diana learn control. Diana agrees to train in spellcasting with Sarah and in self-defense with Matthew.

As Sarah and Diana practice a fire spell, Matthew finds an ancient object at the house and asks Emily about it. Emily says it was a gift from Stephen, and Matthew realizes he was a timewalker. Diana soon begins to manifest this talent as well, disappearing from the house when she gets frustrated with Sarah and appearing minutes later in the barn.

Domenico visits Gerbert’s home and resumes taunting Juliette. He promises to bring her Diana’s file, which she can use to find Matthew or destroy to prove she is free of her obsession. Baldwin later finds Gerbert and Juliette at church. Gerbert tries to put the blame on Juliette for conspiring with Satu, but Juliette refuses to take the fall and walks out on Gerbert. Domenico watches her leave.

Agatha visits Hamish in London and reveals the connection between Sophie and Diana. She asks for his help to bring them together.

Matthew is helping Diana to hone her reflexes and respond more quickly to danger. As they practice in the woods, Diana injures her hand and sees the effect her blood has on Matthew. Remembering their encounter at the boathouse, she teases him and starts to run. The danger of being chased by him allows her to fly. It also ignites their passion for each other.

As they lie in bed, Matthew tells Diana about two human women he loved in the past, who wound up dying because of him. Diana assures him he will never hurt her, and that she is powerful enough to stop him if he does.

Marcus and Miriam show up at the Bishop house, prompting it to deliver an envelope from Stephen addressed to Diana. It contains one of the missing pages from Ashmole 782, which depicts two figures very similar to Diana and Matthew. Sarah takes the page to her stillroom for analysis. Diana recognizes her father’s handwriting and realizes a note that she saw in the book was written by him. Matthew concludes that Stephen meant for Diana to have the Book of Life.

Domenico finds the still powerless Satu in Venice and takes her captive. He lets Baldwin know he will hold onto her for now, but makes it clear that he expects something in return.

Diana and Matthew continue their practice in the woods. Diana has her eyes closed, trying to locate Matthew by magic, but the vampire she senses in the barn turns out to be Juliette.



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