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Episode 8 is the eighth and final episode of the first season of A Discovery of Witches.


Matthew’s attempt to rescue Diana from Juliette goes horribly wrong and Diana finally discovers just how lethal her magical powers can be. As Matthew lies dying, Diana must strike a dreadful bargain with the goddess and make the ultimate sacrificial pact with enduring consequences.[1]


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Juliette has Diana by the throat and rages at Matthew for abandoning her. Gerbert made her into everything that Matthew desired, and now she has no purpose. Matthew tries to defuse the situation, but Juliette tosses Diana aside and attacks him, slashing his neck and stabbing him through the chest. Diana kills Juliette with a bow and arrow made of witch fire. As Matthew lies dying, Diana calls on the Goddess and offers to do anything to save him. Sarah sees Marcus and Miriam running with supernatural speed to the barn and follows them. Marcus insists nothing can heal both of Matthew's wounds, and Sarah urges Diana to let him go.

The Goddess accepts Diana’s bargain, with a price yet to be named. A ritual knife appears in Diana’s hand and she cuts open her wrist to let Matthew feed. He then latches onto her neck, but stops short of draining her completely. Marcus saves Diana’s life with a blood transfusion. As she recovers, Matthew realizes that if Juliette could find them, Knox can too. If they timewalk, they can hide from the Congregation until Diana fully masters her powers.

Gerbert asks Domenico if he has any news on Juliette, but he pleads ignorance. He does have something else to share, however, and he expects to be rewarded. He leads Gerbert to Satu, who promises him information he can use against Baldwin in order to appease his anger at her for setting Meridiana free.

Emily learned from Stephen that a timewalker needs three objects from the precise time and place they wish to go. However, she doesn't know how Stephen returned, only that it was harder the further in the past he went. The house delivers an ancient witch’s poppet, inside which Diana finds an earring that Matthew recognizes as Ysabeau’s. Hamish retrieves some of Matthew's possessions from Sept-Tours and brings them to the Bishop house, along with Sophie and Nathaniel.

Sophie’s family heirloom is a small statue of the goddess Diana. Matthew recognizes this too, as it is actually a chess piece he lost in a bet on All Souls' Night long ago. Sophie also reveals her secret heritage. While Nathaniel and Marcus become instant friends, Sophie confides in Sarah and Emily about her fears of persecution.

Gerbert convinces Peter Knox to join forces against Baldwin. Satu can prove that he has been helping Matthew, and then they can force him to relinquish his position. Philippe ensured that a de Clermont must always sit on the Congregation, but Gerbert predicts that Marcus will be easier to control.

Diana practices timewalking, focusing on her need to be at the destination. As a test, she takes Matthew back to the night they danced at Sept-Tours. They make a successful return and the witches, vampires, and daemons have one last dinner together. Diana has not yet learned when and where they will go, telling Hamish she wants to enjoy the present moment as long as she can. Hamish warns her that Matthew was not the same man in the past.

The Congregation meets, but instead of ruling on Satu's fate, Gerbert accuses Baldwin of treason and demands not only his removal, but his execution. Gerbert also reveals the existence of the Knights of Lazarus as proof that the de Clermonts are playing both sides. A vote is held, but thanks to the daemons and Domenico, it goes in Baldwin's favor. Both Domenico and Agatha let Baldwin know he owes them.

The daemons depart the Bishop house, with Matthew giving Nathaniel Ysabeau’s address in case they need sanctuary. Sarah and Emily are going directly to Sept-Tours. Matthew transfers leadership of the Knights of Lazarus to a reluctant Marcus. Miriam plans to keep studying Diana’s DNA.

The two objects Diana already has point to All Hallows’ Eve 1590, and Matthew provides the third, an inscribed copy of Doctor Faustus from his friend Christopher Marlowe. Baldwin calls to warn them Gerbert and the witches are on their way. Just as Diana makes her final preparations, their enemies arrive on their doorstep.



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