Episode 8 is the eighth episode of the second season of A Discovery of Witches. It is also the sixteenth episode overall in the series.

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Matthew worries that the Book of Life is making Diana ill. Back in present day, Marcus isn't ready to give up on Phoebe and makes an impassioned plea. Knox threatens Sophie and Nathaniel's baby.[2]

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In London 1591, Diana tries in vain to read the shifting texts of the Book Of Life. With whispers shivering round her, Matthew sees how much this book is affecting her and convinces Diana to head downstairs and get something to eat.

Back in the present, Peter Knox returns to Gerbert and informs him about Kelley’s pages and how they were ripped out of the book. Given there are three pages left in the present, Gerbert tasks Knox to head out and retrieve them.

Marcus gets dressed up and heads out to meet Phoebe, handing back the clothes she left at his. At the gallery, he shows her the Knights Of Lazarus necklace and implores her to do some research and learn who he is.

Phoebe looks through the various files, coming across the Elizabethan miniature paintings and how it’s aligned to Marcus’s story. Deciding to try and learn the truth for herself, she heads down to the vault. Only, Domenico suddenly shows up. Phoebe immediately senses something is up and smartly remains sceptical.

Domenico notices the necklace though, learning what Marcus’s role is in all of this and walks away. This event rattles Phoebe as she’s left with lots of questions.

When Marcus returns home, his visit there is short-lived as Sophie is rushed to hospital with the birth of their child. The birth goes ahead without a hitch, despite being several weeks premature. It is soon revealed that the child is most certainly a witch.

While Emily and Sarah come to blows over the former conjuring up Rebecca’s spirit, Ysabeau receives a threatening call from Gerbert promising to rip down the foundations of their house unless she hands over the pages of the book. She refuses to do so and puts the phone down. Emily and Sarah eventually patch up their differences though and set out to find the sacred site together.

Phoebe’s questions see her visit Marcus again. He sits her down and reveals the truth about everything that’s going on. After kissing, Marcus lectures Phoebe about how human prejudice is worse than ever, building walls and enforcing borders.

The pair continue to talk and then they eventually sleep together once more. Afterwards, Phoebe mentions a vampire showing up at the gallery asking questions about the paintings. Marcus decides he wants to do away with everything and turn away from this life. Phoebe convinces him to make some positive changes though and not give up his position so easily. After all, there’s a reason why he decided to be a doctor.

When Marcus meets Baldwin again, he decides to make it his mission to protect Sophie and Nathaniel’s family. Baldwin scoffs at the notion, telling him his ideas are contaminated like his blood.

Eventually Baldwin and Marcus go their separate ways, with Gerbert watching from afar and seizing on this opportunity to strike. He shows up and immediately learns from Baldwin that Marcus is protecting a witch child born to daemons.

Unfortunately Knox shows up at the hospital and uses his magic to knock Nathaniel out on the floor. Knox promises that sooner or later he’ll come for the child as Agatha shows up and promises she’ll kill him if he shows up again. Things look set to explode at any moment but for now, this volatile situation is left hanging on a knife-edge.

Back in time again, Diana has a bad dream about a tree burning. As she bolts upright in bed, waking from her awful night terror, she tells Matthew that she’s not okay.

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  • All Season 2 episodes were made available to watch on Sky's streaming service on January 8, 2021. However, this episode officially aired on Sky One on February 26, 2021.

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