Fernando Gonçalves
Biographical Information
Race Vampire
Status alive
Nationality Portuguese
Age unknown
Occupation unknown
Physical Information
Gender male
Hair dark
Eyes deep brown
Family unknown
Spouse(s) Hugh de Clermont (died)
First Mentioned Book of Life
First Appeared BoL, p.5

Dom Fernando Gonçalves is a vampire, the mate of Hugh de Clermont. Not all de Clermonts acknowledge Fernando's status. However, those who do seem to value him highly. He has a warm, cultured voice. Although he is described at one point as a converso, his use of Arabic hints that his background was Muslim, not Jewish.

Fernando, despite declining a leadership role in the Knights of Lazurus, was reputed to be one of the brotherhood's most formidable warriors. Diana Bishop does not doubt it, remarking on the breadth of his shoulders and his overall fitness. He is shorter than Baldwin, and bears scars from past battles, including one on his hand.

Fernando is a comforting presence and gives assistance to those who need it. He is also shown to give wise advice, although it is not always taken. While Hugh was alive, Fernando was the one who managed his household and saw to it that he was presentable and equipped for whatever task was at hand. It is remarked that otherwise Hugh would have turned up to battle with no armor and a dull sword.

Discovery of Witches[edit | edit source]

Although Fernando does not appear in Discovery of Witches and is not mentioned by name, it is revealed later that he is the one who nominated Marcus Whitmore for command of the Knights of Lazarus, having refused the command when Matthew Clairmont asked for his help.

The Book of Life[edit | edit source]

Fernando is at Sept Tours, acting as companion to 'the widow' Sarah Bishop.

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