Gallowglass de Clermont
Biographical Information
Race Vampire
Status alive
Nationality Norse/Gaelic
Age appears no older than 30
Occupation Mercenary
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair blonde
Eyes blue, chilly
Body brawny, nearly 6'6
Family Hugh de Clermont (father-v)

Matthew Clairmont (uncle-v)

Spouse(s) mentioned
First Mentioned
First Appeared SoN, p.59

Gallowglass de Clermont's actual full name is Eric Ragnall Brendan William Sorley de Clermont

Gallowglass is a vampire in the All Souls Trilogy. He is Matthew Clermont's nephew, being Hugh de Clermont's son. He is described as a blonde giant. Gallowglass has a nose that looks like it had been broken, and the arctic-blue eyes of a Viking. His Norse relatives were Úlfhéðnar. He is a fierce warrior with a strong sense of honor.

Gallowglass's Background[edit | edit source]

Gallowglass is part Norse and part Scot, by way of Ireland. He was made a vampire by Hugh de Clermont. He resents that the French did not prevent the French king and church from killing Hugh with the last of the Templars. 

Shadow of Night[edit | edit source]

Gallowglass and Hancock arrive at the Old Lodge in 1590 looking for Matthew Clermont. Upon finding him alive and well, they explain that they had been with him in Chester when he suddenly disappeared.  The Matthew in the sixteenth-century vanished when the Matthew of the future timewalked there with Diana. Gallowglass is shocked to learn that Diana is Matthew's mate, even more so because she is a witch. It is then that Diana learns that Gallowglass is Matthew's nephew. 

Gallowglass becomes protective of Diana.  In the present, he discreetly watches over her and is even proud of her when she earns her academic degrees.

The Book of Life[edit | edit source]

Gallowglass is living at Sept Tours waiting for Diana and Matthew to return from the past, while protecting their loved ones.. He was the vampire whose stares Diana felt in her childhood. Gallowglass said that Stephen knew he was watching her. He made himself known to him right before he and Rebecca made their final trip to Nigeria. After Matthew leaves to form the scion, Gallowglass is comforting Diana when she sees a tattoo of Corra on his forearm and wonders where her tail goes.She asks to see the tattoos and he shows her. "A siren sat on a rock above his heart, her arm extended so that her hand reached over to his left bicep. She held a clutch of cords. The cords snaked down his arm, falling and twisting to become Corra’s sinuous tail, which swirled around his elbow until it met with the fire drake's body. The siren had Diana's face." It is then that she realizes that Gallowglass is in love with her,and she feels regret and sympathy for not realizing it sooner.Diana then asks Gallowglass how long.He tells her it had been 400 years.He then explains that he knew he could never have her and that it was Philippe who had officially gave him the job to protect her until Matthew and she found each other.

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