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Gerbert is a vampire born in the Cantal, and it remains his territory. He was known as Pope Sylvester II in the 10th century, during which he reportedly had a brass head that could speak oracles. He was from the Auvergne.


Gerbert is one of the three vampires on the Congregation, along with Baldwin and Domenico Michele. He was once close friends with Ysabeau. In addition, he was involved in Satu's kidnapping of Diana. Right away, Diana can sense the evil within him.

TV Series[]

One of the most esteemed, clever and feared of vampires, Gerbert is a brilliant schemer, whose plots unfold over a long span of time. This makes his manoeuvring almost impossible to track unless you are even older and wiser than he is, and there are few creatures who can make that claim. Gerbert desires the triumph of vampire culture over Daemons, humans and Witches. He knows there are only two obstacles to his rise to unchallenged power: the witches and the de Clermont family, whom he’s loathed for centuries. The only thing more ferocious than his intelligence is his ambition. Those who underestimate him learn, to their cost, that he is one step ahead of them. Always.[1]


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