Gerbert of Aurillac
Biographical Information
Race Vampire
Status {{{status}}}
Nationality French
Age at least 1,050
Occupation pope (999-1003 AD)
Physical Information
Gender male
Hair -
Eyes dark brown
Body average build and height
Family Juliette (daughter-v)
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First Mentioned ADoW, p.353
First Appeared ADoW, p.366

Gerbert was born in The Cantal, and it remains his territory. He was known as Pope Sylvester II in the 10th century, during which he reportedly had a brass head that could speak oracles.  He was from the Auvergne.

Gerbert is one of the 3 vampires on the Congregation, along with Domenico Michele.

He was once close friends with Ysabeau.

He was involved in Satu's kidnapping of Diana. Right away, Diana can sense the evilness within him.

Gerbert has been acknowledged by human historians... read about him here.

The Book of Life[edit | edit source]

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