Gillian Chamberlain is a witch in the world of the All Souls Trilogy. She has hazel eyes and shiny black hair.

Gillian's Background[edit | edit source]

Gillian Chamberlain is an American witch who teaches at Bryn Mawr. She sometimes studies in the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford in Britain.

A Discovery of Witches[edit | edit source]

Gillian tries to bring Diana Bishop into the Oxford witches' coven. When Diana doesn't participate, Gillian warns Diana that she will find trouble just like Diana's parents did. Gillian accuses Diana of keeping secrets from other witches. Matthew Clairmont says that Gillian wanted to be on the Congregation, and believed that witches and vampires should remain apart. He says that Gillian was watching Diana to try to get information about her so Diana could be controlled by the Congregation. She liaises with Peter Knox to send Diana a photo of her parents threatening her not to keep secrets. This act of aggression results in her death at the hands of Matthew de Clermont in early November.

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