Hamish Osborne
Biographical Information
Race Daemon
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Nationality Scottish
Age -
Occupation financial markets; attorney
Physical Information
Gender male
Hair dark
Eyes brown, twinkling
Body wiry
Family Percy (father)
Jessica (mother)
Spouse(s) William
First Mentioned -
First Appeared ADoW, p.90

Hamish osborne.jpg

Hamish Osborne is a daemon in the All Souls Trilogy. Hamish grew up in Glasgow, Scotland. He is known for his overall levelheadedness. He is highly successful in the world of finance. He plays snooker and billiards extremely well.  He is described as a small, dark man.  His scent is lavender and peppermint.

He employs a butler named Jordan. Hamish is in a relationship with a human, "Sweet" William.

He is a very close friend of Matthew, and often invites him to his hunting lodge, Cadzow Lodge.  Hamish is seneschal and ninth knight of the Knights of Lazarus.

Hamish's Background[edit | edit source]

Hamish Osborne is Scottish, born to human parents, his father an insurance broker and his mother a housewife. When he was twelve, he realized that he was smarter than his teachers and was introduced to Jack Watson, a daemon, who told Hamish that he is a daemon. Watson then explained the existence of all supernatural species to Hamish and his family. His parents were supportive and glad to finally understand what made their son so special. During that visit, Hamish's mother told him that she knew that he was not interested in the girl next door, but her older brother. Unlike most daemons, Hamish was not drawn to a career in arts or music. He has a gift for mathematics and used his talents in the area of international financial markets. He is comfortable among humans, unlike most daemons, and finds humans' imperfections fascinating. Hamish's friendship with Matthew Clairmont is rare, as the separate species do not often mix.

A Discovery of Witches[edit | edit source]

Hamish Osborne is introduced when Matthew Clairmont leaves Oxford to get some distance from Diana Bishop. Matthew calls his friend and Hamish decides to meet him in Cadzow, Scotland. Hamish notices how badly Matthew needs to hunt. As they have a drink, Matthew begins to tell Hamish about Diana and Hamish realizes that Matthew is in love with the witch. Hamish accompanies Matthew while he hunts. Later, Matthew tells Hamish about Ashmole 782. Hamish advises his friend to leave the manuscript and Diana alone, pointing out that Matthew's behavior is telling him that he's hunting Diana. During their conversation, Hamish points out that being a vampire is definite. After one is turned, one is definitely a vampire, however, daemons and witches have to wait and wonder about their supernatural blood.

Shadow of Night[edit | edit source]

Along with Marcus, Hamish made sure that Matthew and Diana had a way to get to Sept-Tours upon the couple's return to the present.

The Book of Life[edit | edit source]

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