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Humans in the All Souls Trilogy are one of the four humanoid races. Humans usually are unaware of the existence of vampires, witches and daemons in the world. Those who are aware of them may be afraid of them, or may becomes allies with them. Humans are a larger percentage of the world's population in comparison with creatures than was earlier the case. They can be reborn as vampires or can sometimes have children who are daemons. 

Known Humans[]

  • Mary Sidney: The Countess of Pembroke, who is a loyal friend to Matthew and becomes Diana's friend.
  • Walter Raleigh: A member of the School of Night, who serves as a government spy, a Knight of Lazarus, and is Matthew's friend.
  • George Chapman: A member of the School of Night, who helps look for Ashmole 782 and is working on a translation of Homer.
  • Phoebe Taylor: An employee at Sotheby's auction house, who becomes Marcus Whitmore's beloved.
  • Henry Percy: Earl of Northumberland, who is Matthew's friend and an alchemist.
  • Jack Blackfriars: An orphan boy who lives with Diana and Matthew during some of their time in 1590-1591.
  • Doctor John Dee: An astrologer and learned person consulted by Queen Elizabeth, who has an impressive library of books.
  • Queen Elizabeth I: Queen of England, who uses Matthew as a spy and advisor.
  • Rudolf II: King of Bohemia, who Diana and Matthew visit when they are looking for Ashmole 782.
  • Christopher Roberts: A friend of Diana, he is a talented molecular biologist and tenured professor in Yale's chemistry department.
  • Lucy Meriweather: A friend of Diana, she is a reference librarian at Yale, helping to trace the province of the Voynich manuscript.