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An orphan boy living in London during the late 16th century, Jack Blackfriars eventually comes under the protection of Diana and Matthew during their brief time in London, 1590-1591. Caught by Matthew trying to pick his pocket, he is taken into their household by Diana.

At Diana's request, after their departure from London in 1591, he comes under the protection of Father Hubbard, who in 1603 sires him due to the fact that Jack was dying of the plague. When Diana and Matthew return to present day London, Jack is brought back to the two by Hubbard and once more comes under the protection of Diana and Matthew.

Eventually tensions arise when it is revealed that Jack is the Blood Raged killer. Matthew is forced to chose between eliminating Jack, or protecting him as his son. On pleas from Diana, Matthew decides to defy the Congregation and protect Jack.


A Discovery of Witches[]

While Jack is not mentioned by name in Discovery of Witches, Diana Bishop notes a string of murders being reported in the press as 'vampire' killings.

Shadow of Night[]

Jack first meets Matthew and Diana when he tries to steal Diana's purse. A young, malnourished and abused orphan living on the street, Diana convinces an initially reluctant Matthew to include Jack in their household as a servant. The boy soon becomes part of their loving family group and comes to reveal a quick, inquisitive mind that notices more than Matthew or Diana may prefer.

The Book of Life[]

Jack is brought to New Haven, Connecticut by Father Hubbard. It is revealed that Jack suffers from blood rage, and that his grandsire, Benjamin Fuchs kidnapped & manipulated him into committing the vampire murders, and others noted in an attempt to create more vampires with blood rage.

Benjamin used Jack's blood rage against him, and abused Jack's love for Matthew by telling him that he would take Jack to Matthew, but first he had to prove he had Matthew's blood. Jack lacked the control to keep his intended children from dying, and Benjamin took the children Jack did manage to make, using them to maintain control of Jack. When Jack tried to leave, Benjamin and his sons killed Jack's daughter, forcing him to watch.

Jack's blood rage is worse than Matthew's, triggered by a far wider range of emotions. Matthew begins teaching Jack to control the rage.

TV Series[]

Jack is introduced earlier in the story, encountering Diana and Matthew soon after they arrive in 1590. Diana asks Jack where rumors about her were coming from, and he tells her it's the tavern on the corner, The Lamb. Jack joins the Roydon household staff offscreen between episodes.


A Discovery of Witches Season 2[]

A Discovery of Witches Season 3[]


  • Joshua Pickering's appearance in Episode 2 (Season 2) is uncredited. Jack is seen briefly in the Roydon household, but he does not speak.