Mary Sidney was the Countess of Pembroke. She was a British woman with a reputation for her literary works, poetry, poetic translations, and patronage of writers.

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Mary's married name was Mary Herbert, and human historians acknowledge that she lived 1561 - 1621.  Her husband was the Earl of Pembroke. Her deceased brother was Sir Philip Sidney, Queen Elizabeth's hero. Her mother was Mary Dudley, who was a friend of Queen Elizabeth.

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Shadow of Night[edit | edit source]

Mary enjoyed conducting alchemical experiments as methodically as possible. She appreciated Matthew Roydon's friendship and was a loyal friend.  She had two sons, William and Philip, and two daughters, Katherine and Anne.  She became friends with Diana Roydon (née Bishop) when Matthew introduced them to each other at Henry Percy's suggestion.

When the queen decided to send Matthew to Prague, Mary helped arrange for the queen to agree that Diana could go with him.

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