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Peter Knox is an expert on occult studies, who is often consulted by law enforcement. He is one of the three Witches on the Congregation. He is fond of wearing brown tweed and has brown eyes.


A Discovery of Witches[]

Peter threatens Diana Bishop and tries to get information from her about the mysterious book, Ashmole 782.  He is afraid that vampires will get the book and believes that only witches should possess its secrets.

Shadow of Night[]

Peter receives a letter in Hebrew at a library in Prague. The letter has secret information about events connected with Ashmole 782 that took place while Diana and her vampire husband, Matthew Clairmont, were in Prague a long time ago. Peter consults with vampire Gerbert of Aurillac about the connection with Matthew's family, and says that he will lead a raiding party of witches on the family's stronghold.

TV Series[]

Peter Knox is a witch of great ambition and considerable skill. Intensive study and practice have made him a powerful and highly regarded spellcaster, but it’s his philosophy of creatures that makes him a leader among witches. With a profound loathing of vampires, Knox believes witches should be at the top of the species food chain. He has risen to the highest echelons of witch society, occupying a seat on the Congregation representing his fellow witches worldwide. But a gnawing insecurity prevails; he always feels there is something just out of his grasp and has dark secrets he will protect at all costs.[1]

Expulsion from the Congregation[]

After Knox murders Emily Mather in return for the witches' missing page from the Book of Life — in which he does not obtain — Agatha calls a meeting of the Congregation to discuss this. Knox denies murdering Emily, but with enough support, Agatha is able to push him out of the Congregation after a vote is held.

Following this, Knox goes mad with his desire to obtain the rest of the missing pages from the Book of Life. This leads to him visiting and threatening Andrew Hubbard, but Hubbard warns him off and threatens that it will not end well for him if he doesn't leave.

Eventually, Knox's search for a page of the book leads him to T.J. Weston's house, but he is too late and Diana has already obtained the page with Agatha's help. Nonetheless, Knox tortures and murders Weston in his search for the page.


After his search for the missing pages leads Knox to the Bodleian Library where Diana has reunited the missing three pages with the Book of Life, Knox heads to the extraction point where he waits for Diana, Gallowglass, and Sarah to return.

When they return, Knox threatens the trio and orders Diana to return the book. Quickly, however, he realises that she has absorbed the books knowledge into herself and therefore the book is useless. Knox chides Diana and calls her furious, which only works to enrage Sarah. Sarah is further enraged when Knox begins mocking Emily and the nature of her death. Sarah begins to cast a spell and Knox foolishly jokes that she doesn't have the power to hurt him but, with the aid of Diana, Sarah is successfully able to scatter Knox into pieces at different ends of the world.[2]


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