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Phoebe Taylor is an employee at Sotheby's auction house, who becomes Marcus Whitmore's beloved. She is approximately 22 years old, petite, diplomatic, proper, polite, resolute and gentle. She is knowledgeable about art and art history. Her human father had been in the queen's diplomatic service, and her mother taught her that knowing about people's backgrounds helped one at formal social occasions.


Shadow of Night[]

Phoebe is working at Sotheby's, and meets Marcus, who sees her there when he is picking up miniatures created by Nicholas Hilliard. Marcus persuades her to have dinner with him, they start dating and they fall in love. Eventually, Marcus brings Phoebe to live at Sept Tours for her safety, and to keep her near him. Ysabeau respects Phoebe's judgment and ideas.

The Book of Life[]

Phoebe courageously insists on being with Marcus when Marcus' father, Matthew Clairmont, returns to the present from the past with his wife, Diana Bishop. After Phoebe lies politely and convincingly to him, Matthew decides that Phoebe would be a useful addition to the de Clermont family. Phoebe provides diplomatic skills, and when backs Baldwin's plan to keep baby Margaret safe when there is a family dispute about how best to proceed. Phoebe helps uncover the de Clermont family pedigrees that result in Marcus becoming aware that Matthew has a wayward son, Benjamin, and that a number of family members are afflicted with blood rage. Phoebe and Marcus become engaged, and Phoebe announces that she will become a vampire so they can remain together for a long time. Baldwin agrees to this. Phoebe helps look after Diana, as well as the de Clermont family's collectibles and antiques. She helps Diana figure out some of the clues to locating The Book of Life. Phoebe is almost abducted by Benjamin. Phoebe also helps with research on the covenant so Diana can persuade the Congregation to revoke it.

TV Series[]

Phoebe and Marcus meet under the same circumstances, but we see more of their budding relationship onscreen. Phoebe's love for solving historical mysteries leads her to delve into Marcus' past, but she doesn't like what she sees and initially rejects his confession that he's a vampire. Although Ysabeau and Miriam both encourage Marcus to forget about her, he is unwilling to give up. He hands Phoebe the emblem of the Knights of Lazarus, suggesting she research the organization and come back to him when she's ready for answers. She accepts the truth and becomes fascinated with vampire life. She also convinces Marcus not to give up leadership of the Knights, correctly observing that he is a helper by nature, as evidenced by his choice of profession.


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