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Rebecca Bishop was an especially talented witch and seer from a family of distinguished witches. She was killed by the Congregation during a trip to Nigeria with her husband, Stephen Proctor. This left their 7-year-old daughter Diana an orphan in the care of her younger sister Sarah.


Early History[]

Rebecca went to Harvard, where she met her future husband Stephen Proctor. Both became anthropologists and worked for the university. They often went on research trips together and were particularly interested in ancient ceremonial religion.

Interactions with Emily[]

Following Diana and Matthew's travel to the past, Emily begins sneaking out to cast spells and talk with the dead — specifically, she talks with Rebecca. The two only have brief conversations but Emily is able to find out that Diana is in danger and furthermore, finds out about the dangers of holding one of the pages from the Book of Life.


A Discovery of Witches Season 1[]

A Discovery of Witches Season 2[]