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Sarah Bishop is a witch in the All Souls Trilogy. She is Rebecca Bishop's sister and Diana Bishop's aunt. She is a powerful witch and fierce protector of her family. She is known for her bright red hair and plain-speaking.


Sarah Bishop was raised in Madison, New York. She and Rebecca were raised by their mother, Joanna Bishop. When her sister and brother-in-law, Stephen, died in Africa she took in Diana, who was seven at the time. She and her partner Emily raised Diana. Throughout Diana's childhood, Sarah had always thought that Diana's efforts to keep magic out of her life were pointless. When Diana turned thirteen, Sarah wanted to teach her niece basic witchcraft, but Diana was unable to do the simplest of spells. Sarah is a very talented witch. Her skills are in potion-making and the traditional lore of spells and charms.


A Discovery of Witches[]

Tabitha, Sarah's cat.

Sarah Bishop is living in Madison, New York with her partner, Emily Mather, when her niece, Diana Bishop, discovers Ashmole 782. When Diana first tells her aunts about meeting vampire Matthew Clairmont, Sarah is clear that she wants Diana to stay away from him, warning her that vampires, daemons, and witches aren't supposed to mix. 

Shadow of Night[]

Sarah and Emily are safe within the walls of Sept-Tours when their niece Diana, and Matthew, timewalk to the 1590s. Through as yet unexplained events, while protecting Sophie and Nathaniel, as well as their baby daughter, Emily is killed. Sarah is devastated by grief. Ysabeau explains that the pain of Em's loss will never pass, as her pain from losing her husband, Philippe, has not passed. She assures Sarah that those who played a role in Emily's death will pay. When Matthew and Diana return to the present and Sept-Tours, Sarah is relieved but waits to tell her niece of Emily's death. She is extremely happy when she learns of Diana's pregnancy.

The Book of Life[]

TV Series[]

Diana’s aunt, Sarah Bishop is descended from the first witch executed at Salem. Sarah is proud to be a Bishop and enjoys a respected place among witches because of her name and blood lineage. She has a temperamental nature, a famously short fuse, is intensely loyal and has long-standing addiction to coffee. Her prize possession is the Bishop grimoire, the family’s ancient spell book. Where her partner Emily is thoughtful and measured, Sarah is a firecracker who says exactly what’s on her mind, consequences be damned.[1]


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