Satu Järvinen is a witch who was recruited by Peter Knox.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Satu Järvinen is a very powerful natural born witch.

Witchcraft: Satu Järvinen possesses great power.

Spellcasting: The act of changing and controlling events through the use of incantations and recitations.

Telekinesis: The magical ability to move objects with the power of the mind.

Elemental Control Elemental control is the act of controlling and manipulating the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Satu has this magical power.

  • Summoning: Satu can summon the elements.
  • Witch Wind: Diana had been kidnapped by Satu Järvinen, however, due to Satu's power, the wind didn't have much effect.
  • Witch Fire: Satu is able to ignite meridian lines with fire.
  • Witch Earth: Satu unleashed a violent earthquake.
  • Weather Control:Weather control is the supernatural ability to manipulate atmospheric events via magical means. Satu has this power.
  • Flight: Satu uses the ability to fly to catch Diana.
  • Weaver: Satu Järvinen is a weaver.