Sept-Tours is the current family home of the de Clermont family. It is described as a fortress with seven towers, hence the name. It belongs by legal rights, to the brotherhood of The Knights of Lazarus and was presented as a gift to Ysabeau by Matthew when she was sorrowful about leaving a place she loved. Matthew, to Phillipe's consternation had torn down the previous family chateau that stood there, primarily made from timber and built a new stone structure. Matthew's tower was not added to the fortress till much later. The castle opens to a well-kept garden with kitchens situated at ground and below ground levels. The stables are kept by a human, Georges. In it's incumbent state the home is described to feature romantik era tapestries and old antique furniture from different periods charmingly put together, with vestiges of older days remaining such as the minstrels' gallery in the hall and empty servants' quarters. The permanent residents include Ysabeau de Clermont and Marthe, her housekeeper who live there by the graces of the Knights of Lazarus.

According to information in the books, Sept-Tours is located somewhere in the historical French province of Auvergne. From a description of the geography, it's probably somewhere in the modern French department of Puy-de-Dome, or possibly in Cantal. In 1590 it is said to be by the village of Saint-Lucien.

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