Stephen Proctor was Diana Bishop's father. He was killed during a trip to Nigeria with his wife, Rebecca Bishop. He's from a family of distinguished and powerful witches.

Stephen's Background[edit | edit source]

Stephen studied anthropology at Harvard and taught at Wellesley. He was a powerful wizard from a distinguished magical lineage, but he didn't flaunt his power. Stephen usually was easygoing, stubborn, and other witches thought he kept secrets. He died on a trip to Nigeria with his wife, Rebecca Bishop.

A Discovery of Witches[edit | edit source]

Diana discovers that Stephen and Rebecca spellbound her to protect her from drawing other witches' attention to her. She also discovers that Stephen could magically travel in time, and that he bewitched Ashmole 782 so that only Diana could obtain it from the Bodleian Library at Oxford. 

Shadow of Night[edit | edit source]

Diana and Matthew meet up with Stephen when they are all timewalking in 1591 London. Stephen helps Diana feel more relaxed about her magic and life, and more open to the possibilities. 

The Book of Life[edit | edit source]

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