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Vampires are one of the four types of beings in the world of the All Souls Trilogy. Among them are humans, witches, vampires and daemons.


Vampires are a type of creature who were once human. A vampire must drain a human of his or her blood and then feed the human some of the vampire's own blood to transform the human into a vampire. The vampire that creates a new vampire becomes that vampire's Sire. Matthew explains to Diana that vampires mate as lions or wolves do: the female chooses her companion, and if the male agrees, they are mated for life. Also called manjasang in Occitan.

de Clermont VampiresEdit

The De Clermont vampires are the vampire offspring of Philippe and Ysabeau de Clermont. Philippe and Ysabeau were mated long ago. Over the centuries, both have added members to the family by turning humans into vampires.

Philippe de Clermont's Vampire ChildrenEdit

Ysabeau de Clermont's Vampire ChildrenEdit