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Verin de Clermont is a vampire and a daughter of Philippe de Clermont. Verin is known for keeping her promises, and has never disappointed her father. She usually keeps several knives on her person.


Verin lives in Berlin with her 60-year-old human husband, Ernst Neumann. They were married when he was 25 years old. She saved his life from Philippe's wife, Ysabeau, when he was 6 years old.


Shadow of Night[]

Verin sees a historical anomaly in the newspaper and realizes she must return to the de Clermont home at Sept-Tours in France, to keep her promise to Philippe. She telephones Gallowglass to see if he will also return.

The Book of Life[]

Verin is present at Sept Tours. She is the one who explains to Diana that Philippe's blood vow alone does not make her a de Clermont - the vow must be acknowledged before the Congregation by one of his full-blooded children within a year and a day.

After Matthew's role as the family assassin is revealed, he insinuates that Verin's role was seductress, threatening to reveal it to Ernst. When she attempts to attack him, Diana uses witchwind to keep them apart.

Verin seems insulted that she was not acceptable to the Congregation as a de Clermont hostage, but Ysabeau remarks that no one could hold Verin hostage for more than twenty-four hours.